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Vision Insurance


We accept most Vision Insurance Plans, as well as PPO Medical Insurance for Medical Eye Examinations.


We are providers for Davis Vision, Spectera Vision, MES Vision, Superior Vision and Vision Service Plan (VSP)


Types of vision insurance

Vision insurance is typically available in two forms: as a discount vision plan or a vision benefits package. Both of these plans can be custom designed to meet the needs of different employers and organizations.

Discount vision plans allow you to purchase eyewear and eye care services at a discounted rate. In return, you (or your employer) must pay an annual membership fee or premium.

Vision benefits packages provide payment for eyewear and eye care services up to a fixed dollar amount. In exchange, you pay an annual fee and a small co-payment whenever you visit the eye doctor.

What vision insurance typically covers

Vision insurance usually offers coverage for the following basic services: 

  • Annual vision exams 
  • Eyeglass lenses 
  • Eyeglass frames 
  • Contact lenses 
  • Discounted refractive surgery rates (LASIK, PRK, etc.)