Lens Choices
Anti-Reflective Coating

This type of coating blocks excessive light from entering the eye: 

  • Preventing glare 
  • Reducing reflections and halos around lights 
  • Making eyes more visible through lenses

Benefits of anti-reflective eyewear

Glasses wearers often wonder whether anti-reflective coating is a necessary investment. In general, the benefits of anti-reflective eyewear justify the added costs. The primary benefit of anti-reflective eyewear is the prevention of glare and reflections on lenses, blocking excess light that can lead to pupil strain. Anti-reflective eyewear also eliminates distractions from halos while driving at night.

Night driving

Anti-reflective eyewear is particularly beneficial when driving at night. The anti-glare lens coating reduces the halo effect that occurs around headlights and streetlights in the dark.

Computer work

This type of eyewear is also recommended for people who work with computers all day. The lens coating reduces eyestrain from battling glare on a monitor, allowing people to work on a computer for longer periods without difficulty.